May 19, 2009


"Deep Inside The Cuckoo Clock" is going through some reformatting for the better.
I'm proud to introduce Doctor Faustus as a new addition to the 'cuckoo clock'. While I, cuckoo, will be sticking to writing Film Score reviews, the good doctor will be exploring his favorite (or least favorite) films.


Faustus said...

Thanks for the introduction, cuckoo. Glad to be onboard.
Hopefully I won't lower the tone too much. :)

mentalmelvin said...

If only I fricken clicked on those ffshrine forum links I'd know half the stuff you guys get up to !.A blog huh !? fancy. impressed.Doc here too !? Cool.

cuckoo77 said...

Doc and I are sexy this way.

Yeah...that's bloggers.

Now only if the ladies thought it was sexy too. :(